Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Walt Disney's original EPCOT film

This was Walt Disney's idea for his property that is now the Walt Disney World Resort, the EPCOT project (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). His intention was to create a community of the future that would never be completed, showcasing and testing new materials and new systems.

"Everything in EPCOT will be dedicated to the happiness of the people who live, work, and play here, and those who come here from around the world to visit our living showcase."

"Shopping areas where stores and whole streets recreate the character and adventure of places ‘round the world…theaters for dramatic and musical productions…restaurants and a variety of nightlife attractions. And a wide range of office buildings, some containing services required by EPCOT's residents, but most of them designed especially to suit local and regional needs of major corporations."

"But most important, this entire fifty acres of city streets and buildings will be completely enclosed. In this climate-controlled environment, shoppers, theatergoers, and people just out for a stroll will enjoy ideal weather conditions, protected day and night from rain, heat and cold, and humidity."

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